Ford Taurus Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

1999 Taurus, 170k Miles. Rear wheel bearing is on its way out. Can a driveway mechanic replace this part? What would be involved in changed it?



For either drum or disc rear brakes the procedure is the same. Remove tire/wheel, remove brake caliper if it has disc brakes, remove brake drum with drum brakes, remove grease cap from hub, remove hub nut, remove hub from spindle.


Is it really that simple? It’s not in my Haynes manual and the garage wants $220 parts and labor to do it.

Do yourself a favor; pay the garage $220 and let them do it.

You’ll have more than $220 worth of aggravation trying to do this yourself.

I believe this is a sealed bearing/hub. Unbolt the hub and replace after brakes parts, etc are removed for access.