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Front drive bearing replacement

My '95 Ford Taurus recently failed the yearly vehicle inspection required be the “great state of Utah” to re-register my tags. While I am unconvinced that the bearings are worn enough to warrant immediate replacement(there is just the slightest bit of play and no noise), I am at the mercy of the mechanic that redtagged me. However, not having the $500 quote he gave me for the job, I am forced to attempt it myself. Am I foolhardy to think that I can pull this off at home with only a conceptual knowledge of how to do it and a crappy set of tools?

Yes, IMHO you’re foolish to think you can do this at home with only a conceptual knowledge of how to do it and a crappy set of tools.

You could, however, invest $20 in a Haynes manual, read through the procedure, and see if you feel up to it and wht tools you’ll need to buy. And if you do, invest in some decent tools. You’ll not regret it.

Thankyou for you fast response. Iam looking at all options considering my Non-exisistant budget. I’ve already had it torn down to the hub when I realized I din’t have the 30mm socket to remove the drive shaft bolt. It’s the actual bearing removal and replacement that concerns me. Can it be done the old fashion way without a press and no money?

It either requires a press or a special tool like this in order to replace the bearing. However, some parts store will swap the bearing out for a nominal fee if they have a machine shop and you bring the hub/knuckle assembly to them.


Uggh! Thanks bro. If I had that kind-a money, I’d just pay to have it done. I appreciate the help though.

If you can get the knuckle off, it would be at least $80 a side for bearings, seals and installation, at least around here. You can get bearings online for cheaper, but a lot of places won’t install them unless you buy the parts from them. You also may need to buy a tool to remove the tie rod end from the knuckle, like a pickle fork or a puller. You may be able to borrow a manual to look at from your library.