Left Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

1999 Ford Taurus - 180k miles. I have a wheel bearing going bad. I’ve replaced rear wheel bearing before, but not front. If I get bearing and hub assembly, can I replace at home? Garage wants $220 to do it, parts and labor.



I’m assuming your bearing is pressed into your steering knuckle/spindle. When I do these at home, I take apart what’s necessary to remove the spindle. Then I bring the spindle to a garage and pay them $20 or $25 for their labor to press the old bearing out and the new one in.

That is also what I would do. There are also a few parts stores in my area that have basic machine shops in them. For these places you can just bring the knuckle and they take it from there including pulling the parts - a one stop deal.

Thanks for your advice. As it turned out, I went to buy the part. For my car, the bearing and hub come as one part. It’s bolted on using 3 bolts, and I was able to remove and replace the bad bearing. Took maybe 30 minutes to get to it, about an hour to remove, and a half hour to put it all back together. My hands are a bit raw now, but in the end it worked out fine. Again, thanks!