Ford Taurus Wheel hub and Bearing Removal

I’ve finally gotten to the hub assembly. I’ve removed the cap and the retainer nut. Now the assembly does not come off the spindle. Is there a trick or am I missing something?

1999 Ford Taurus, rear wheel and bearing hub.



The hub should just pull off the spindle. See if smacking the back-side of the hub with a heavy mallet gets it off.


I’m apparently walking in in the middle of a longer conversation - but are these drum brakes in the rear? And did you back off the brake adjuster?

I’ve been attempting to change the rear wheel bearing on a 1999 Ford Taurus. I’ve pulled the drum, disassembled the brakes, unfastened the nut holding the bearing assembly and cannot get the assembly off the spindle. I thought maybe a hub puller tool might be necessary, but will try a mallet first. If that doesn’t work, I’ll see about borrowing a puller.

It sounds as if you are trying to pull the drum off the spindle but should you not be pulling the hub assembly off the axle? Can you even buy the bearing without the hub?
Post back and let us know, I believe you need the assembly that bolts to the axle.

Job complete! For future reference:
To replace the wheel bearing hub assembly, remove the tire, remove the drum, remove the bearing cap and nut beneath. The bearing should slide off the spindle. If not, remove the brake shoes and use a pry bar behind the sprocket looking part of the hub to force it off. Reverse these steps to put the wheel bearing back together.
Total work time for me was about an hour.

Thanks for everyone’s advice. This job was as simple as I thought, given the right tools. I needed to purchase a 36mm axle socket.

Glad you got it done.

Also glad to hear it is done.

That “sprocket looking part” was probably the ABS ring - hopefully you were gentle with those teeth. If anything strange happens in your ABS system anytime soon, check there first.

For future reference, I recently “purchased” a 32mm socket for an axle - but I “purchased” it from Autozone’s loaner tools. I’ll use it and then get my $$ back. Its handy if they happen to have what you need. (Advance does it too and probably others).