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Rear Access open on 2003 Chevy Suburban

“Rear Access Open” comes on in the notice on my dashboard at random times. This happens when my tailgate and rear window are completely secure. It may not appear for a day or two and then appear for a few hours or days. It would not be aggravating except the interior lights stay on and it makes driving and backing up difficult at night. Sometimes the car just “decides” the rear access is open when I have the car locked and then the alarm goes off. I have been to my dealer several times and they have no clue what to do. HELP

Does it happen more in cold weather? I had that happen with the front doors on my '95, they built up the place the pressure switch touches to push it in further when the door’s closed.

Move the switch cover aside and spray electrical contact cleaner into it and work the switch a few times then allow to sit (open) so the cleaner gets a chance to work then close the hatch/doors.(Maybe for 4-5 min)

Ensure the switch is adjusted to close properly when hatch/doors closed.

What about that contact strip along side one of the rear pillars,really the problem probably is as Roadrunner describes.

I think the switch on the Suburbans is just a single plunger type switch which MAY have picked up moisture sometime and needs cleaning.

Unless you are referring to something else, I think you meant the contact strips you see on the pillars and doors of van power sliding doors.