Chevy Tahoe Rear Access

I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe and the rear access door no longer opens. As there is no handle on the inside, there is now no way to open the rear door and access the cargo area. I have checked a few fuses, but haven’t found any that appear burned out.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this?

You’re saying the rear hatch won’t unlock with the remote OR by using the key?

Does the hatch handle feel like the mechanism is disconnected?

The rear hatch will not unlock by remote and there is no key hole in the rear. Nor is there a handle on the inside. The only way to open the rear hatch is by remote or by pressing the door unlock button on the driver/passenger side door. Neither of these work.

Any guesses?

There is a key hole to unlock your rear hatch. There is in ALL of them.

The only way there WOULDN’T be, is if the vehicle was customized to blank out the key hole.

If the key hole doesn’t work, use a ‘slim jim’. It’s a thin flat bar with a ‘v’ notch on one end.

You have to pry the top portion of the hatch liner off and see if you can reach the linkage to unlock the hatch.

Be prepared to replace some plastic clips (they’re cheap).

Once open, you can remove the panel and repair as necessary. Perhaps a wire or connection at the lock actuator is corroded or loose.

Nope, I promise, no key hole and no custom requests to leave it out. The Tahoe is a Z71 model. If that makes the difference, I apologize for not mentioning it earlier.

Thanks for the help.

I didn’t realize that with the Z71. Sure didn’t do anyone favors did they.

Mine is an '02 LS. I checked the '03 LT and it had the keyhole but I didn’t think to look for the Z71 model.

Well, I reckon you can follow my last suggestion.

Checked a few other blogs and found that others have had the same problem. No solution yet. Again, thanks for the suggestions.

Back up a minute.

I’m retracting my last post.

My gut told me I was correct so I checked further.

There is only ONE reason for NOT having a key cylinder and outside latch handle on a (rear hatch) 2003 Chevy Tahoe Z71, is if it has been modded and the key cylinder and handle blanked out.

Such is not the case from a factory.

Go to eBay Motors and in the truck section, look up your vehicle and see for yourself.

This is my last post on this subject.