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2015 Subaru Outback rear hatch won’t open

The rear hatch won’t open despite repeated tries with the key bob. Dash control is in proper position. All- day inspection at the dealership did not result in finding or solving the problem.

Have you searched the <> forum? This happened with our 2006 OB. You’ll want to confirm whether the latch mechanisms used in the two years are similar. In ours a flexible cable that connects both the solenoid and outer handle to the actual latch had slipped from its mounting at one end. To get the hatch open, remove the ~ 4x14in. central cover cover (on the 2006 model, I presume there’s something similar on yours) to expose the latch mechanism. (You’re likely to find yourself laying flat with a rear seat back folded down. Bring a flashlight, long nose pliers, screwdriver, maybe an inspection mirror). Root around inside and release the latch (push it directly or pull the cable). With the hatch open, we removed the large trim panel (2006, yours may differ), expose the cable and put it back into place. The cable end is held in a sheet metal slot which had spread. Pinch the slot back into shape and safety wire the open end shut to prevent a recurrence. Seek guidance and work patiently while removing the trim panel so it doesn’t fall away from the hatch, breaking plastic, it’s a little tricky the first time and it helps to have an assistant support the panel.