Reappearing pink goo on the handle of my car door

can anyone help explain the phenomenon of this tacky, pink (like bubblegum) goo that keeps appearing on the handle of my car? see picture.

i drive a 2008 camry hybrid & have never experienced this before.

thanks, y’all!

You’ve lost a lot of paint. Are you sure it isn’t primer or the underlying plastic?

Have you considered the possibility that somebody is pranking you?

Have you been playing Pink Floyd music on your car’s audio system?

Yes. Someone is putting tacky, pink goo on your door handle.

It looks like the pink goo called “slime” from the ghostbusters movies, what was that, protoplasm? Who ya gonna call? The picture dosen’t show it well enough to see if it is pink stuff ON the handle, or is it the underlying material of the handle (plastic?) itself with the paint coming off. Rocketman