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Clear, thick liquid on car door exterior

I’m a delivery driver and today when I got out of my car I touched a mysterious clear liquid on the exterior of my car door. It’s not leaking from my car - it appears to have been placed there. It was wet when I touched it a couple hours ago and seems to be dry now. In doing some research it seems like it could be tree sap, except that it appears to be clear and not golden or brownish. I haven’t parked under any trees today that I know of. It was very windy though so I suppose it could have been from a leaf or something? I’m really not sure. Any thoughts?

No clue what so ever. It literally could be anything and the picture doesn’t help at all.

Did it have an odor? If so, what did I it smell like? Wash the car, or at least the area of the door that got wet if you are concerned.

Who knows without lab analysis. Put some rubber gloves on though and clean it off, and wash your hands after that.

A couple of years ago I saw a teenager walking down the sidewalk with his friends throw half a cup of coffee on my parked Corolla. On purpose, as a prank to get some laughs. Maybe this was something like that. I just rinsed it off with a garden hose once I got home.

Goo gone does a great job of removing stuff, I have used it to take tar and other stuff off of my cars.

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Simple Green is also a very good solvent. Make sure you mix it with water per the instructions, though. It takes forever to rinse it off if your use it straight.

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Or someone spit on your car. I suppose they don’t like Neons