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What's that black goop and how do i get rid of it?

10 year old car, black goop in the edge of the door, presumably to hide some defect, in the summer heat it gets sticky and every time we grab a door getting out, we get black goopy thick grease on our hands. Seems to be in the groove by the rubber.

How do we get rid of it, what will happen to the door if we do, and what do we replace it with?!

Without being able to see the “goop,” or knowing what vehicle you’re driving, I’m going to guess it’s some sort of cement holding the weather seal in place.

Goo-be-gone, or a similar product, should clean it off quickly. Orange solvent may work, too.

is this a Mitsubishi? If so, then this is a problem they have had, specifically on Galants. Grease, asphalt remover I suppose.

F body Camaros had this problem very bad with the rubber gasket surounding the big back hatch glass,all we did was spend time scraping it off. It wasn’t a get on your hand thing,I can’t exactly place where you are having trouble as it doesn’t sound like it is from a glass rubber gasket.

It is likely some sort of sealer. You can clean off what you see, I like goo-gone myself.  If it is on the bottom edge it is likely an anti rust material and it may have been added after manufacturer, maybe a dealer add on.  This is another good reason not to have an after market undercoating etc. done by the dealer or other.  The Original manufacturer's factory applied materials are all you need or should get.

It’s a Saturn. Probably something they put on to make it look “new” or maybe there was a leak they plugged with it. This is one of those low-slung cars that’s hard to get out of, with a wide door, and there’s a tendency to grab the outside of the door to close it–huge grease line on palm.