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Really Weird event

I made a sharper than normal left turn and Heard a large Slosh.POP and a gush of water came out from under me glove compartment! Now it piddles as I drive…

The A/C seems to be working better than ever though??? The water sounded like to started under the drivers side under the dash and then the weight of it popped something and it all gushed out on the passenger side! Bizarre! 92 Nissan pickup

Anybody have any ideas?

If ac drain was plugged Maybe when you heard pop part of drain where water was backed up cracked and drained out?

That water was coming off of your A/C evaporater under the dash. It is supposed to drain outside under the vehicle. If the drain is plugged the water collects in the pan under the evaporater, it will also freeze up the evaporater. This is why the A/C wasn’t working properly. The drain needs to be checked and cleaned out.


Thanks guys, any idea how you access that? I’m hoping not5 bto have to take the dash apart…It does seem like it’s under there… isnt it odd that something having to do with water is INSIDE the truck?

Th A/C evaporator is what cools the air, and it is inside the truck. When the air cools, moisture forms on the evaporator (drying the air is part of the “conditioning” in air conditioning). The moisture drips off the evaporator into a pan which drains to the road - this is the source of the puddles that an idling car with A/C leaves behind.

So no, it isn’t odd that something having to do with water is inside the truck. The water is created where the air is being cooled - inside.