A/C condensator drainer

After parking my car tonight, downhill, I’ve realized that some water was draining from under the chassis . It has the consistency and the smell (!) of water and this happened after running the A/C during a hot day here in NY. It stopped running after a few mns.

I think that must be the condensation being drained out but I’d like to have your insight . I couldn’t find anything helpful in the manual.Btw, I have a 2008 mazda 3.

Thank you for your help,


It is the condensation from the A/C. Usually nothing to worry about.

Just to set the terminology right (it may come in handy) is there a part called “A/C condensator drainer”? you could probably work the phrase over a bit and come up with something workable.

Completely normal for water to drip under a stopped car on a hot day with the AC on. I’d be concerned if it didn’t.

My point is that it drips from the evaporator housing, the OP could write AC condensation drain,but condensator drainer? pretty strange.Many non AC familar people get the evaporator and the condensor mixed-up.

Thanks for your answer. I meant condensation of course.