Really early tie rod failing

I had really loose tie rods so I replaced them myself. Now after 6 months they are again loose and should be changed according to my mechanic. I used really cheap ones which says OE and brand is Moog.

Do you think I did something wrong when installing or I just have bad parts cause they are really cheap ?

What could be the reason tie rods going bad in such a short period of time. I drive like 15-20k miles per year.

I vote for cheap tie rods being the reason. It is never worth it to save a few bucks on an important part. If they really are Moog parts, I would be surprised. If you bought them cheap off EBay, they were probably counterfeit Moog parts.


Yeah it was from ebay, detroit axle. Well good to know. Is duralast also a good brand ? and lastly this " am-autoparts " they are cheap too but they have their own website and they are selling moog parts for like 35 dollars for 4 piece tie rod kit. I am not sure if it is real or not.

If it seems too cheap to be true, it probably is!

Duralast is AutoZone’s house brand. Made by a variety of suppliers and packaged in a Duralast box. At least they have a warranty… unlike your EBay junk.

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I see well I wanna buy something good so I don’t have to change it every so often assuming amazon can be trusted and they have moog, would you advice it or a different brand ? I don’t know what brands are good and I am not sure where to buy good parts.

I bought all inner and outter from amazon, moog. Hope it lasts. :slight_smile:

Why not just buy these type of parts from a local parts store?

Then if there’s a problem with the part, it’s warranted for at least a year.

Then if you buy a Moog part, you’ll know you’re getting a Moog part.


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They don’t have it at the stores where I live.

Dura Last suspension parts have for years seemed to be above average. When Moog wasn’t available at my discounted supplier I often went with A-Z and never had a failure. O’Reilly locally stocks Moog and a white box generic that isn’t worth the box.

Where is that and why is your profile hidden ?

I agree with Tester to just go to a local store but if not, why not at least Rockauto or someone where you can choose the quality? I was ordering a lawn mower belt and Amazon and a couple other places came up so I looked. You had to read very carefully because it was not a Stens belt but to the same dimensions as a Stens.

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they can have their profile hidden for any reason they want to.

Frankly, it’s none of your business.

Yeah I live in San Diego I checked the o Reilly stores that is close to me and they don’t have the moog on stock but you can order online for delivery in that case I went with amazon since it is like 25$ cheaper and still sold by amazon so 100% safe life time warranty.

Thank you all for the answers.

This is such a good reason to buy from legit parts store. Had bad shocks from amazon. Had to buy additional new shocks and return old ones. I’m glad I had the cash to front as I couldn’t go without a car during exchange process.

Yep, I’ve run into that with O’Reilly, also. They want to sell the house brand, others are ordered.

The only problem I’ve had with Amazon is on my truck. Vendors mix heavy-duty and light-duty parts. (eg. Brakes aren’t the same.) If it happens with yours, contact Amazon directly, instead of the vendor. They refunded my money via the phone call then didn’t ask for the wrong parts back. (The vendor never replied, even for return shipment.)