Inner Tie rod ends

I went to a local repair shop, they said I needed inner tie rods on both sides

$120.00 labor

89.95 X 2 179.90 Mog inner tie rods

79.95 Allignment

29.95 Balance and rotation of tires

14.95 X 29.90 Both Sway bars

Tax 35.73

The total out the door with tax was $475.

Is that too high?

I called him back the next day, he said he used Moog and that they are better than the Red which would go bad in a year or so

Moog makes good suspension components, that is true. 79.95 for an alignment is a little high, skip the tire balance, rotation should be free and you may not have actually needed sway bar links. The prices seem a little high but not outrageous.

If the car really needs all those items, I think the price is not unreasonable. With respect to Reds going bad in a year or so, that’s highly unlikely. Garages usually buy stuff that gives them the least rework and returns. So Moog is a good known brand and th shop has to justify the higher price.

For comparison, you can take the car to the Mitsubishi dealer and you’ll find the cost will be much more.