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Stabilizer Bar Endlinks

Hey guys.

For my 2000 Toyota Camry, I need to replace the bushings and links on the sway bar.

My question is which is a better brand for the links: Deeza or Moog?

Moog seems to be the talk to the town, but it’s kind of pricey.

Deeza is a new brand, but there are a few who like them.

Which one should I go with?

I can’t give you direct input about the brands but do beware the name on the box. The global economy is tricky. I recently bought new links for an Escort. The first place I stopped only had one. I went ahead and bought it and then found the other at another parts store.

One was from Autozone with their brand “Duralast” on it. The other was Moog. The two kits are identical in every respect, and I have to suspect that they are rebranded from the same sub-contractor.

I’m not saying that would happen in your case. Just saying that if you do decide to pay more for these, make sure its not the same thing in a different box.

Moog has been in business a long, long time…They make quality parts. These bushing and spacer kits are not very expensive. How much money are you going to save with Deeza??? Five or ten bucks??

More like $60

I did some further research, and Moog is highly recommended. Going with them.