Realistic hope?



I have a 1977 Chevy Impala wagon to which I am emotionally attached. I’ve come to a point where I should sell her, but I want to sell to someone who will love her, fix her up, and appreciate her for a gem of a car. Is this a realistic hope? Or should I just aim to sell to the highest bidder. I want her to go to a good home.


It’s going to be extremely difficult to control what is done with your car once it’s sold. I would imagine that many folks in the market for a car like that would want to do some sort of restoration; not many will buy a 30 year old car just to use as a beater around town.

I can’t tell you to just let it go, but honestly there’s no way to ensure what will happen once you sell it. That is entirely up to the new owner.


Maybe look around for a Chevy enthusiast club near your town, talk to the members, there might be someone there who would be interested and would take care of it.

Just out of curiosity, why do you feel you need to sell the car?


Why not just keep it around as a second vehicle when you need all of that room for a special reason. The car is really not worth that much as a collectible, but could be invaluable for special trips.

Many year ago my parents family car was a 78 Chevy Wagon and when they bought a new car, kept this wagon as a second vehicle. It was primarily used to go back and forth to their lake property they owned; ferrying garden supplies, fishing gear, etc.

Eventually they sold that old thing off, still running well but burning a bit of oil, with over 400k miles on it. The engine/trans/rear end and suspension had never been touched. A water pump, one carb overhaul, and an A/C repair was it.


It’s scrap metal. Never fall in love with something that can’t love you back…

Put it on craigslist and see what happens. You might get lucky…


gasp But it’s not an import!!! How is this possible???


my father is a huge classic car guy and we recently hunted down a 1970 Javilin for him, anyways to the point, with everyone we talked to while looking in my opinion you are much more likely to get someone who loves the car like you do then not


Why sell? Keep it as a second car and don’t use it as a commuter car. The insurance should not be much, especially if you don’t carry collision insurance. Then you know that the owner will keep it well. Call your insurer, explain how it will be used, and see what they want to insure it.


this guy has a great idea, just thought i’d drop in that for cars over i beleive 30 years they have classic car insurance, so long as the car doesn’t exceed 100 miles a month its like 50$