2008 Miata -- I can't part with it

In October I bought an Infiniti G37x because my Miata started to be impractical for the driving I am doing now. The dealer offered a ridiculous price for the Miata so I kept it. It is a 2008, 6300 miles and immaculate. It should be easy to sell. Trouble is, I love it too much to part with it. I’ve considered posting it on cars.com with a ridiculous price, but I can’t even bring myself to do that.

I haven’t driven the car this winter, and it needs a good, loving home (with a garage).

What am I to do?

Get over it. A car can’t love you back and it just loses value sitting unused. If you can afford it as a toy, then fine, keep it, but otherwise why would you?

Depends on where you live. Wait until spring and list it then. For local sale, use craigslist.com. For nation-wide, cars.com, autotrader.com and miata.net are good.

You’re reading my mail, my sentiments exactly.

Unlike my friends here, I understand what you are going through. I have two motorcycles. I should sell one, but I can’t figure out which one to sell!

Since you don’t seem to be in much of a hurry to sell the car, I think you should put a “for sale” sign in the window and drive it around as much as is practical to expose it to potential buyers. It might also help to print out a Kelley Blue Book report (at kbb.com) and a Carfax report for your Miata to have on hand to show potential buyers.

Like I said, if you can afford to keep it as a toy, that’s no problem. I understand, believe me. I have an old Norton motorcycle sitting in my garage that I should have sold years ago. My wife or kids will end up selling it when I die, probably. With any luck I will have restored it to running condition before then . . . :wink: And that’s the warning, your Miata will slowly deteriorate unless you spend time and money on it. It’s your call.

A couple of years ago, my doctor wrote a prescription for me that said for my mental health, I need a Mazda Miata. Unfortunately, my wife won’t let me fill this prescription. She was going to let me fill it with a generic substitute–a Pontiac Solstice, but I declined. I don’t like generic medicine, and the Solstice we looked at was an automatic.
To me, it sounds as though you have the same disease that I do, except that you have the medication for the disease. Don’t get rid of your medicine.

My husband left the computer on while he is fixing a drink. Ignore his advice. At 6’2" tall, he probably couldn’t even get into a Mazda Miata, and if he could, at his age, he would never be able to get out.

Mrs. Triedaq

I am 6’2" too, and I have driven a Miata. It fit me just fine.

In my experience as your husband gets older he won’t remain 6’2". If you have a change of heart and allow your husband to fulfill his doctor’s orders, I can give you a great deal.

I think the last thing Triedaq needs is another car taking up space at his house. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m also in the belief that anyone over 5’ tall does not get IN a Miata, they put it on

Ah, but it’s the cars you have to put on rather than get in that are the real fun.

I think he should keep it forever, provided his budget agrees. Life gives us so little of that kind of fun.

The founder of Pappy’s Pizza chain just bought back his original 70’s camaro after an extensive search to find it. It was his first car and he loved it. I read that he paid a small 6-figure fortune to get it back and then spent another small fortune to have it restored to original condition. He can be seen driving it now in his TV commercials.

A Mazda Miata is a car for wimps. One look at the repair records over the years in Consumer Reports makes this obvious. The Miata is too reliable for a real man. Real men aren’t afraid to get out and push their cars off the highway. Real men spend their week-ends trying to make their cars run. I want my husband to have a he-man’s car like an old MG or Triumph. He would also be safer in an old MG or Triumph as he probably couldn’t get it to run beyond the end of the driveway.

Mrs. Triedaq

Mrs. Triedaq is correct about the Miata’s reliability vis a vis the record of the MG. I think the British feel a sports car is phony unless it requires regular tinkering and trips to mechanic. When Donald Healy bought Nash engines for his early sports cars, he was astonished that they did not use oil. I had some early experience with an MG and, Mrs. T, you are correct. The MG is likely to break down before it leaves the driveway. Think of a Miata as an MG that actually runs.

Yup…and that’s exactly what the design goal was for the Miata. They pulled it off perfectly.

I recall reading that they actually tuned the exhaust to emulate the sound of the MGB.

I love the old ragtop British Leyland cars…but driving one is tons more fun than pushing one…therein comes the Miata. I wish I could still get into one.

Mrs. Triedaq thinks I need to lose weight and pushing an old English sports car around by hand might be the way to do it.

6 figures to get an unrestored Camaro back and even more to get it restored? PT Barnum anyone?

I have to admit that the MG TC and TD are among the most beautiful sports cars ever built. They rank right behind the Jag XK120 in my estimation of car loveliness. I found a TD for sale for $520. I suspect it may not run well.

Did they ever?

I have an old Norton motorcycle sitting in my garage that I should have sold years ago. My wife or kids will end up selling it when I die, probably. With any luck I will have restored it to running condition before then . . . :wink:
I used to ride a Norton 750…don’t restore it. It’s too tempting to drive too fast with too old reflexes and too few modern safety equipment (like abs). I’m lucky to to be alive along with the passengers I took for rides. You restore it, you won’t get much older. :frowning: