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Should one ever sell one's dream car?

I finally became the owner of my dream car (1997 Xenith Blue 911 Targa) in 2008. I love it and it thrills me every time I look at it BUT I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my right hip and will need a hip replacement sooner rather than later. Getting in and out of it has been more difficult and will be more painful soon SO… is it enough to have owned it? This was the absolute pinnacle for me so shouldn’t I be happy that I once obtained it and now be content with the memories? Why am I so unhappy about passing it to someone else? By the way, I am only 52 and female. I’ve also put about as much money into the car as I paid for it too. Thanks for your comments…

I had my dream car, a 68 cougar xr7, The brakes went bad, the body was rusting, and I pulled the engine and put it in my ranchero. I wish I still had my dream car. Once you get a new hip you will be happy you kept it no matter how much it costs in repairs. My opinion, as I really still wish I had my cougar, but it went to the scrapyard with a ranchero engine in the trunk. By the way I am older than you as if you could not guess. I bought the 68 in 73, and miss it to this day, and not willing to pony up 20k for a replacement.

If you cannot drive it it’s time to take lots of photos and find a new home for it.

I have a friend whose wife has an immaculate 1973 Mercedes 450SL convertible/hardtop, which she bought new. She’s in her 80s, can’t drive, and has not driven the car for 3 years. It’s not a good daily driver with our severe climate, and at 80,000 miles it still has a lot of life left in it.

Her husband has a BMW 7 series as his daily driver and does not care for the Mercedes.

Her husband has finally convinced her to sell it since it will deteriorate just sitting in the garage. Ideally you would sell such a car to a dedicated collector in your city, who would take good care of it and take you for a drive in it occasionally.

I know how you feel, but you are not doing the car a favor by just parking it.

Keep it until you have fully recovered from the hip replacement surgery. Some people have remarkable results. Perhaps you’ll be able to get in and out of the car with no pain. If is still isn’t good, then you can sell the car.

Good advice, Turbo.

Thanks to you guys for posting replies! I think this is kind of where my heart is anyway (keeping it) but I totally agree with Docnick about the fact that just sitting in the garage harms the car. This car is so picky about being driven and the battery goes dead if it’s not attended to. If I could just be sure of who was buying it I’d be a lot happier but no one is interested right now… I would keep it forever but it would be an expensive lawn sculpture!

When you stop driving it, disconnect the battery. You might even have someone remove it for you and put it on a shelf in your garage. Be sure to put stabilizer in the gasoline, and in a few months you should be able to decide if you want to keep the car or not. Depending where you live, you might just want to put the 911 away for the winter, anyway. Get back to it next spring and use it as therapy. Up, down, in, out…

My daughter in law is just 40 and she can’t drive her dream car. She has a 1995 Ford Mustang she bought new. She had it when she and my son got married. She has back trouble and drives their minivan. My son, who could care less about cars ends up driving the Mustang. They will probably sell the Mustang in the near future.

That is a sad story and reminds me of one I know. My bud bought his wife a manual shift new red convertible crossfire, brand new with a giant bow on top, She messed up her ankle and after 3 years had to sell the car because her ankle still was not strong enough to work the clutch.

Keep it until you are sure you cannot drive it or get in or out w/out pain. When you reach that point unload it and keep photos and memories. Items like this bring a certain amount of pleasure and are fun but DO NOT bring happiness, that comes from a different source. I recently bought a Yamaha V Star 1300 and its a blast, its fun and somewhat therapeutic but it in no way brings true happiness since material things are temporary.

I am not sure about that as I think I would still have happiness driving my cougar,

A Xenith Blue 911 Targa might not bring true happiness, but it makes life a lot more fun while you’re lookin’.

I’m several years older than you and have owned many cars that I occasionally wish I still had but my biggest regret is I have no pictures of most of them. And if I had ever had a Porsche 911 it would likely be at the top of my list of cars that I regretted letting go and wishing I had a good picture of it to show off. Maybe it would even be ahead of the Austin Healey 3000 with 3 SU side drafts. Get some good pictures and let someone else enjoy it.

Thank you all for very sage advice no matter what side it falls on. I have some photos (I took a trip in her out west by myself) that I am very fond of. Is it wrong that I look at her photo as often as the ones I have of my kids and dogs?! I guess it’s because she doesn’t talk back or pee on the carpet! I also have been so impressed with everyone’s dream cars… they are such a part of us even though some of them exist only in memory now.

Agree; the car that meant the most to me was a white 1965 Dodge Dart 2 door hartop V8, loaded, and bought new. I stll have lots of pictures of it; some with my wife, then a svelte 26 year old in a miniskirt, sitting on the hood and sprawled the trunk.