Reaction Time

my car has seemed to be slow on the reaction time. it is a manual Toyota corrola 2006 Manual. when i was driving down the road all a sudden my car started to chug and the engine light turned on. so i pulled over checked very thing and everything was good i started the car and it ran fine again but it seemed that the reaction time of when shifting in to another gear it seems not to have any power behind it until it catches up with its self if i can explain it that way i guess if any body can help me out with some suggestions that would be great oh and after starting it a couple times the check engine light went off.

Is this a out of warranty issue?I would not want you to take action that could affect your warranty.Mileage,maintaince history.

when the CEL came on, a trouble code was set in your cars computer. Most auto-parts stores will read these codes for free and tell you why the light came on. That would be a good place to start…Many of these problems are covered under the cars emissions warranty.

I have a 2006 Matrix which has the same engine although mine is automatic. I had similar trouble a few months ago with the engine losing power. A local parts store pulled the codes [P0607 & P2610] which indicated a faulty computer [ECM]. I took it to the dealer and they replaced the ECM and it was covered under the warranty. Seems the original computer in these engines can be a little flaky.

Oldschool makes a very good point. If your car’s powertrain is still under warranty, as I suspect that it is, you should not be doing any repairs on this car yourself. Take it to the dealership, describe the symptoms, and put the problem in their laps.

You might want to do as rix06trix suggests and have the trouble codes pulled by an auto parts store, so that you have some idea of what the problem might be, but ultimately, resolving that problem is the responsibility of the dealer’s service department–as long as the powertrain warranty is still in effect.