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'06 Corolla 4 cyl Manual Code P0607 "Control Module Performance"

Car starts and runs but will not accelerate. Alldata has a TSB on this calling for ECM (engine control module) replacement as a fix for this code. Emissions control warranty covers it for 96 months or 80,000 miles. My car has 97,000 miles. This is apparently a common problem . Has anyone encountered this and had any luck getting Toyota to contribute to the replacement cost beyond 80,000 miles?

You could ask that Toyota make a good-will adjustmemt towards the repair. Just explain that you purchased a Toyota because of their reputation for quality and reliability, and the last thing you expected was to have something like the ECM fail on a Toyota with less than 100,000 miles on it.

Can’t hurt to ask!


Toyota TSB number EG044-06, dated July 6, 2006 is for 1ZZ0FE Engine “Extended Crank” Condition. The repair is flashing a reprogram into the engine computer. It’s not an engine computer change.

The relevant TSB for Code P0607 appears to me to be EG042R-07 dated 10/18/07. My problem is not an extended crank condition. It starts right up.

How much money are we talking??

Do you actually have the DTC P0607? If not, a dirty, restrictive, fuel filter could be causing slow acceleration.
Have you read the TSB EG042R-07? Does it say to make sure that all the electrical connectors which feed to the engine computer are making good connections? Good connections can, often, be achieved by disconnecting the electrical connectors and reconnecting them. This has a wiping action on the terminals and may restore a poor connection, terminal to terminal.

Yes, the code is showing. Yes, I have read the TSB. I’ll be checking connections today. Thanks

Caddyman, Alldata shows the part at $648 and labor a 1 hour. I’m looking around for a cheaper source.

An interesting update. Just found out that the ECM is not even available right now from Toyota. It is on back-order. There must be a lot of failures out there. My mechanic has found a rebuilder who will repair and reflash the existing ECM for $150.

Hi, you’re right about the number of failures. This same thing just happened to me Monday. My 06 Corolla has 51,000 miles. I had to take a day off of work and pay Pep Boys just to tell me they couldn’t read the code. I’m both angry and concerned–the car just shut down while I was driving. Could happen to other people and be very serious. Look for the same problem at the Toyota Nation forums; you’ll find a lot.
I am planning to call into the show to ask about this.

I just had the same Issue with 07 Corolla , this now a recall by Toyota from 05 to 08 models with specific engines check with your dealer