2007 Corolla is a jerk, literally

I have a 2007 corolla, automatic transmission with 52K and the check engine light recently came on following a noticeable lurch when shifting between gears, particularly first and second. The problem stopped the following morning, but I still had my mechanic check the car’s computer and he could find nothing wrong. Later that day it happened again. What problem may I be looking at?

It could be a dirty shift solenoid or a plugged screen/filter or something else altogether.

Was a scanner hooked up to the tranny and test driven?

When was the last tranny fluid/filter service?

Thanks for the reply roadrunner.
The scanner was hooked up to the car’s computer, but not the transmission nor was it test driven.

The last time the transmission was serviced was about six months ago during the 30K maintenance at the dealer

do you recommend I take it to the dealer or stick with a outside mechanic?

Isn’t this covered by your warranty? Drivetrain warranty is 5 years, 60,000.

I would take it to the dealer IF the warranty will cover the total cost. (Phone first, or re-read the superfine print)

If not, take it to a reputable independent.

If they did a tranny FLUSH, and there WAS some foreign material (Possible shavings from manufacturing) kicked loose, it MAY be causing a problem.

Like I said, “MAY”.

Tell the truth, I’m surprised the Toyota dealer didn’t hook up a scanner and test drive it though.

I have an independent tranny shop here that I use for tranny service and if I complain of a problem with the way the tranny shifts, the first thing they do is scan the tranny operation during a test drive (in which I go).