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2009 Scion tC manual

Car rpms rev but wont acceleerate. CEL light just came on when this happened. Car revs up automatically but doesn’t respond accordingly while pressing the pedal. Won’t go past 25 mph even when the pedals to the floor. I have a manual. Idles ruff now. I’m lost.

The vehicle needs a new clutch kit.


I agree.

But why the CEL? Is it because of over revving. I still agree with the need for a new clutch but want to be sure that this is all that is needed.

Perhaps. But the reasonable approach is to change the clutch assembly, reset the CEL, and see what happens from there.

If you’re having a problem that you know of, it’s usually wise to fix that first. Or at least download the fault code. We can help you interpret it.

So I get in the car this morning and it’s shifting fine but check engine light is still on? I needed to get it home. Rpms still reved up when I started but stopped after I shifted to first. I have no doubt I need a new clutch but is there anything else I should check?

Also I just bought this car 2 weeks ago with a 6 month power train from a dealer. Do I have any legal rights to a. Have it fixed. Or b. Get my money back?

You will have to read your paper work about the power train warranty. They usually don’t cover wear parts like clutches. Get your money back ,not likely. You can have the codes read at Autozone and post them here or do a web search to see what the code means. The sooner you talk to the seller the better.

Read your warranty carefully, pretty sure it is going to exclude your clutch. If it doesn’t you are one lucky person.

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Warranty says no clutch, but I bought it from a dealership shouldn’t I be covered under lemon law. There’s no way they couldn’t have known the clutch was going.

THe lemon law does not cover used vehicles.


So, new development, Just started the car up and drove it maybe half a mile. Check engine light didn’t come on and it drove fine, although again it reved up on the start a bit

If the engine revs in neutral but doesn’t rev high in gear and has poor acceleration, this sounds like an engine performance problem, not a clutch problem. Take it to the dealer and ask them to repair it, there should be a fault code stored in the computer.

Error codes p0121 Throttle/pedal position sensor A circuit range/performance and p0222 Throttle/pedal position sensor B Circuit low Input

Those faults relate to the throttle position sensor in the throttle body. If the throttle body must be replaced be aware that Toyota has extended the warranty on the throttle body to 13 years/150,000 miles.

Where can I find that extended warranty?

At toyota now and there trying to give me the business

CSP ELT Economic Loss Class Action Settlement.

Here is a summery of the warranty;

You will need to have them diagnose the problem and you may be responsible for a diagnostic fee if the problem is not with a covered part.

What state did the transaction occur in? For example MA has a lemonaide law for used cars sold by dealers.