Rattling Help!

I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. Over the past 3 weeks, I keep hearing a loud rattling sound on the front left side of the car. At first I only heard it driving over 50 mph if I had a foot on the brake. Now it happens randomly whenever I go over 45 mph - uphill or downhill, accelerating, braking, whenever.

The front axle is relatively new. I changed the wheel bearings, rotated the tires AND got new wheels. Still it rattles!

I’ve been to 2 mechanics and they can’t find anything wrong with the car!


This is a guess, but check the hood hinges for looseness. Wedge some cardboard between the hood and the fender at the hinge to see if that stops the rattle. I had a bad rattle from the front of my 2000 Blazer and the hinges were the cause. Over time the hinge bolts had loosened up and increased the size of the hole. A set of tapered washers fixed the rattle. I hope it’s something this simple.

Ed B.

Have someone put the car un drive and keep the brake on and go out and listen.

If Ed is correct and the hood is rattling, it may also be a simple adjustment. The hood on my old pickup closed on two spring-loaded supports that were adjustable after loosening a retaining nut.