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Rattle Trap

I have a 2001 QX4 Infiniti which has never given me any trouble, but it “rattles” near the front left tire (only when I drive). It is sometimes quiet and sometimes so loud that it sounds as if I am loosing part of the engine. It comes and goes at various speeds. Technicians have test ridden with me and the darn thing “clams up.” They think I am nuts. What could it be or how can I help them track down the problem?

I had a rattle coming from the front end of my 2000 Blazer. It was the hood hinges, the rattle was the hood bouncing around. I tightened up the bolts on the hinges to fix it. Another thing to check is the cross bars on the roof rack (if you have one), make sure the adjustment knobs are tight.

Ed B.