2011 Ford Escape - Front wheel rattling noise

Newbie here looking for some advice. I’ve got a rattling noise coming from the front of my car, seems to be coming from the wheel areas. At slow speeds, less than 45 mph, the noise is very pronounced when going over bumps. At higher speeds on the highway it isn’t noticeable. The rattling sound isn’t so much metallic sounding, like a loose exhaust part, but rather more structural if that makes sense. I have a trusted mechanic and he replaced my strut and sway bar assemblies free of charge but that didn’t stop the noise. Any ideas? Loose bearing? Loose brake component? Any help is appreciated.

If you have a roof rack make sure the cross bars are secure. I had a similar rattle with my 2000 Blazer, it turned out to be the hood hinges. Over time the hinge bolt had hogged out the hole in the hinge on each side. Some cardboard wedged between the hood and fenders stopped the rattle until installed tapered washers on the hinge bolts.

Ed B.