Front End Rattle

To alleviate a front end rattle, my mechanic replaced both left and right struts and strut mounts. Then we heard a different sort of tapping-rattle, and the mechanic thinking he installed a faulty part, replaced the struts again. The rattle persists. It is not in the wheels, and we are thinking it is a dash noise. Can anyone tell me what else it could be? The noise occurs at low speeds, especially when traveling over speed bumps.



My 2000 Blazer had a bad rattle (sounded like the dash was going to fall in my lab). It turned out to be the hood hinges. Try wedging a piece of cardboard into the hinge to see if it makes any difference.

Ed B.

Yes. thank you. As it turns out the rattle was a combination of a loose hood latch and heater vents under the dash.