Help, can I drive with a rattle in my wheel?

My car has a rattle in the right front wheel when I turn right. It sounds like rocks in the hubcap. My mechanic has replaced bearings, axle, and checked brakes, but he can not find out what the noise is. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

I presume you have checked and it is not rocks in your hubcaps?

Don’t laugh, I’ve had stranger things happen.

Check the CV joints

Let me ask this. What kind of car and does this vehicle HAVE hubcaps?
It’s entirely possible for a hubcap to rattle due to wheel flex. This is easily checked by removing the hubcap to see if the noise goes away.

It’s also possible that the axle you had replaced could be faulty if it was a reman axleshaft; assuming here that you’re sure the rattle is coming from the right front.

The car is my husbands broke down old cadillac, I hate this car. But I believe it is a 1995 cadillac sts. I’ll ask if axle is remaned.

Bullseye! Had this problem myself. Took it to my favorite mechanics, they checked the brakes, bearings, tie rod ends, etc… They took the wheel cover off, drove it and no more noise! And no charge for it, either. I love those guys. (Muffler Shop in Traverse City, MI)

If your Cadillac has spoked or complicated wheel covers; they make noises like you wouldn’t believe.