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Occasional annoying rattle

I have a rattle in the front end of a 2004 sebring. It usually starts after driving for about 1/2 hour. Have had it to a muffler shop to check exhaust system. also to front end allignment shop, also chrysler garage. Everything checks ok. If I stop for a few minutes, it will quit for a while, then start again, in a few miles. It is loud and sounds like the car is falling apart. It does not seem to matter what speed I am going. On most days if just going on short trips to store etc, it never does it. Very embarrasing when othrs are with me.

Pull the hubcaps and see if there is a rock or lugnut floating around in there. The alignment check may not have removed the hubcaps.

No hubcaps, mag wheels. Bolts are tight.

Look for a loose catalytic converter shield or some other exhaust part. The cat itself will rattle sometimes.

That was my 1st thought, so went to exhaust shop to have it checked. They found nothing wrong. I am now going to put it on a lift and check it myself. thanks.

Please clarify, What makes you decide that it is a front end rattle? Is it a rattle or a vibration? Does the steering wheel shake,wobble or vibrate in your hands when this occurs? Do short trips indicate that the engine is not warmed up? When you state stop fo a few minutes, does this mean turn the engine off or just come to a rolling stop? Does the condition start to occur while turning a corner or in a straight line driving condition?

It is definately a rattle in the front end. When returning home, have raised hood and had someone drive slowly up and down our lane with me walking beside.
Usually I drive 20 to 30 min at 40-55 mph, then it starts. If I turn it off for a few min, it does not do it again when started for a while, but I may not have to go but a few miles before it starts again. If going on short trips, church, store etc, does not do it. It can start going straight on a smooth highway. One day I drove aprox 30 miles to next town, it strarted at about 25 miless and sounded like it was falling apart. I went into a business for 5 min, thinking boy I am going to take this straight to a mechanic when I get back home. It did not do it at all on the 30 mile trip home. Very maddening, but sure sounds awful when it is doing it.

understood. I am thinking it is a maintenance issue. Some parts wear out and we can continue to drive for years without a breakdown. Does it make this noise only when the car is rolling? Does it make the noise at a standstill idle? I am thinking bearing or bushing on either an engine component that can wear out and cause this. If it occurs only while driving it is in the drive train after the engine for sure. If you can sit still and rev the engine and it rattles look on the engine. It could be in the transmission or another poiint.

Thanks. It does not do it when sitting still. It could possibly be a wheel bearing. will check that. You wold have thought they would have found that when I had it alligned recently.