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Range Rover HSE 2005

Can anyone share his/her experience with Range Rover HSE 2005. I see many conflicting reports regarding its reliability and nothing on its safety/roll over history.

The general rating of this vehicle is MUCH WORSE THAN AVERAGE for overall reliability. Only engine, transmission and exhaust sytem are good. In other words, you will have constant and expensive repairs of minor items and accessories.

The vehicle is safe in a straight line, but, like all SUVs, it is top heavy and can easily roll over at high speed.

Having said all that, it’s great vehcle for an African safari; comfortable at low speed on bad roads. Where I live, well to do oil executives buy them for recreational use. For work in the field they use sturdier stuff such as Toyotas and Suburbans.

Range Rovers are legendary for their wonderful interiors and horrible reliability. An acquaintence had the dealer buy his back after 6 months, it was so bad. So you’ll find great deals on used one, no wonder. As for stability, it’s probably no worse than other modern SUVs, which is OK, not great.

The queen of England proudly drives one, but she has a resident mechanic at the palace. When I lived in Malaysia, the British ambassador had to drive a Jaguar and a Range Rover. Even though they were free, he would have gladly driven a Lexus and a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Too funny/sad. Here’s a site that allows comparing JD Powers reliability rankings, I looked at 2004 RR vs Lexus LX470 (most recent data). Lots of 2 stars for RR and 5 stars for the LX.;_ylt=AqXHdA_H6EvF9llv9qpTR8sveL8F;_ylv=3?carid0=landrover_rangerover_2005&carid1=landrover_rangerover_2004&carid2=lexus_lx470_2004&compare=Compare+Cars

Interesting stats. I was referring to Lexus cars vs Jaguars and Land Cruiser vs Range Rover.

Now that TATA of India owns both Land Rover and Jaguar, maybe the reliability will go up. Ford actually improved the dismal record of these two brands.