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Please Help Me

Hi all, i have few questions please answer me, because now i wanna buy new SUV car and me need help, please tell me your opinion, so

2006 Range Rover Sport much better then 2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2 V6 ??

and please tell me what differents bitween Volkswagen Touareg 2 and Range Rover Sport, and what more better ?

Unfortunately, you are trying to choose between two of the absolute WORST vehicles in terms of reliability. Historically, Land Rover/Range Rover vehicles have been the worst of the worst for reliability, and while Volkswagens vary somewhat in their reliability, the Touareg is the least reliable VW on the market.

The only advantage that both of these vehicles have is very good off-road traction.
Their disadvantages include poor fuel economy (both vehicles), mediocre brakes (VW), slow acceleration (Rover), and of course–poor reliability (both).

If you are looking for a “Luxury SUV” (the category into which both your choices fit), the only two models that have good reliability are the Acura MDX and the Lexus GX470. However, you have not told us which country you reside in, so it is possible that those marques are not sold where you live.

Thank you very very very much for answers, im from Armenia… here all cars are being, and GX470 being, but im thinking between
Range Rover Sport 2006, Volkswagen Touareg 2 V6 2008, Infiniti FX35 2006 and Porsche Cayenne 2006, and im looking for car with character ( Nice, Comfortable and with good reliability) please tell me your opinion. what the some best SUV what the have nice desigen, comfortability and reliability
and doesn’t matter how much car will be expensive or cheap

and please tell me why Range Rover Sport bad:? i tought is same best SUV
thanks for attention

In that group of vehicles, the FX35 is FAR more reliable than the others.

As to why I would avoid the RR Sport, it is so heavy that the 300 horsepower V-8 has to work very hard just to move that mass, with resulting slow acceleration and bad fuel economy. The main disadvantage of any Land Rover/Range Rover product is their exceptionally poor reliability.

An American publication, Consumer Reports, maintains statistics on vehicle reliability based on car owner’s reports about their cars. In their ratings, Land Rover/Range Rover is the lowest-rated manufacturer for reliability. Across their product line, the mean reliability rating for LR/RR vehicles was approximately 180% worse than the average for all vehicles in the ratings.

thansk, but u didnt say what u think about 2006 Porsche Cayenne and about X5
and please tell me some best Nice, Comfortable and with good reliability car

BMW X5=Worse than average reliability.
Cayenne=MUCH worse than average relability.

If you are not interested in the top-rated Acura MDX or the Lexus GX470, then some others to look at in the same category are the Volvo XC90 and the Mercedes Benz ML350.

If you are now interested in cars, rather than SUVs, and if price is not a problem, then look at the Lexus LS460. It is the absolute best in terms of luxury and reliability, and a good second choice is the Infiniti M35.

EDIT: Missed the part about you being Armenian. I’m not sure what’s available there, but you can almost surely still do better than a RR or Tuoa…VW.

Hi ,

Hi ,

Consumer Reports magazine was mentioned … they also have a web site , you have to subscribe ( pay ) , but their reviews and ratings can then been seen online the web address is -

in Armenia available all cars… here no any brand or madel that not available… in Armenia you can find all brands and all models… then please everybody tell me your opinion about SUVs what SUV better ? i thinking some better SUVs that are
2006 Porsche Cayenne, 2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2 V6, 2007 Infiniti FX35, 2007 BMW X5
please tell me what you thinking about this brands and models… whats some better?

in Armenia available all cars… here no any brand or madel that not available… in Armenia you can find all brands and all models… then please everybody tell me your opinion about SUVs what SUV better ? i thinking some better SUVs that are
2006 Porsche Cayenne, 2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2 V6, 2007 Infiniti FX35, 2007 BMW X5
please tell me what you thinking about this brands and models… whats some better?

Jean–I think you can interpret the silence of others as agreement with me about the information on the reliability of the cars that I related to you.

Perhaps someone else will log in with a different opinion, but in the US, Land Rover/Range Rover is well known as the least reliable make of vehicle, and VWs are known for a variety of problems, depending on the model. Some VWs have had serious engine problems, and all of them are prone to strange electrical problems.

The Porsche Cayenne is really just an upscale version of the VW Touareg, and the BMW X5 has a somewhat poor record for reliability.

I have given this my best effort. Now, if someone wants to give a contrary opinion…

Based on the kind of cars you are looking at, money is not really a concern for you. If you are wealthy and this is not going to be your only car, you can get whatever you want, as long as there is a mechanic nearby whom can repair what you buy. This can be a problem with some of the upscale brands like Porsche, Land Rover, and to a lesser extent, BMW and Volkswagen. If this is going to be your daily driver, I would go with the Infiniti, or as others have suggested, the Acura MDX or Lexus GX470. The Infiniti, Acura, and Lexus vehicles are by far more reliable than anything else in the luxury SUV segment, plus they can be serviced and repaired by pretty much any mechanic around. This is a very important and often overlooked aspect of buying a new or used car. It can be very difficult to find a Porsche or Land Rover mechanic when you need one…

I meant that they need more repair than the average for all vehicles.

The X5 is definitely better in this respect than any Rover or the Touareg, but it is not up to the reliability standards of vehicles like the Lexus, Infiniti, or Acura models that were mentioned.

VDCdriver – i have else one question
when u said reliability about 2007 X5, u means about when i crash car… the chance will be low for i get live? or your means 2007 X5 usually taking off ?? usually need repair ? and 2007 X5 are not parsistent?(hardy,resistant,robust,substantial) ??

Reliability means how often you need repairs. If money is no object, I’d buy the Cayenne Turbo S. It has gobs of character; horsepower and torque, too.

yes money for me not problem, but im not readying buy car thats what need usually repair… i can buy expsansive car… but i don’t wanna usually reapir it, let it be expansive but relability
and what about " Mazda CX 9 " ??
i already understood that " Lexus GX 470 " is relability car, but it is’t nice. but im going on that cars… what are nice and relability

yes i forgot ask else one… and please tell about " Nissan Murano " … " Audi Q7 " and " Mercedes-Benz G500(G55) "

It is hard to give good advice for another country about which we know little, isn’t it?

I know little about Armenia, but here in Mexico, which I know to some extent, when I tell people why I love my Toyota, for its high reliability (less need for repairs) it means little to them. Culturally, they are not as offended by an occasional repair as we are in the US. Remember, the work horse in Mexico until recently was the VW Old Beetle, heh, heh, need I say more? There are still millions of them being driven, but the Chevy (sp?) is moving into that status.

Second, labor is much cheaper. So, the extra cost of the labor component of repairs is very low.

In Mexico, they are used to things being busted in general, though attitudes are slowly changing. The one surprise for me is the electricity here in my little Third World mountain village fails less often than our electricity in our mobile home in McAllen, but that is not the usual case.

Also another factor is availability of parts. I don’t know Armenia, but if one has to air ship in parts from another country, that will also be a major factor in the local view of needed repairs for a given model.

VDC; I agree wholeheartedly with you. If you want a good reliable SUV for Armenian roads, I would get a Toyota 4Runner or Landcruiser, or an equivalent Lexus model. OP seems to have enough moola for various brands.

When I visited Kuwait, a local sheik/car nut had a Range Rover which he referred to as his fun car, the real work in the desert was done by Suburbans. Having said that, expatriate mechanics and local ones are cheap in Armenia. All Russain vehicles used here in the past were FAR WORSE than the two he mentions.

In developing countries, image is extremenly important. German machinery has a good reputation, and the British Land Rover as a military machine was quite good. There is also an element of bigotry against things Asian; 30 years after Asian cars were not so great.

In other words, OP has no concept of relative reliability and the value of time, and is not subject to US wage rates for mechanics. It’s similar to trying to sell Paris Hilton on the merits of Lexus vs Mercedes reliability.

Hi, please can you tell me any Web Site where i can see cars ratings and reliabilitys ?
and you was recommend me buy MB ML350, i wanna buy that car… its same better what are you had invite me, and i wanna know what year of ML 350 me need buy? i think same better its ML 350 2006