Pre-owned range rover question

I am looking to buy a 2006-2007 range rover to function as a family car as we are getting a new member of the family.
I am seeing mileage between 78000 and 110000 and price range of $20k - $25k
My question to you all is can you provide some suggestion on the price point etc? I am thinking some people will oppose range rover due to its quality issues, in that case can you suggest an alternative model. I am trying to keep my price under 20k and mileage under 100k.

The reason Range Rovers seem like such bargains as used cars is exactly the quality issues (reliability) you mention. I would strongly recommend something else, such as a Honda Pilot or Toyota Highlander.

+1 to Texases suggestions.

Look up the Range Rover reliability ratings in Consumer Reports (or anywhere else) and you’ll discover that Rangies are in a class by themselves…nothing else is even close to being that poor. And the cost to get them fixed is…well, if you need to look at a used one, you probably can’t afford to keep it running.

“I am thinking some people will oppose range rover due to its quality issues”

I don’t think that any of the regulars on this board will recommend the purchase of any Rover product, due to their truly abysmal repair record.

Whenever statistics are compiled, Rover products always seem to wind up as the worst vehicles in the US marketplace in terms of reliability and frequency of repairs. And, once one of these vehicles reaches 70k+ miles, it is likely to be a truly UNreliable money pit.

If you want a, “family car”, there are many reliable sedans that fit that description, and will be considerably cheaper than $20k on the used car market. And, if you feel that you need AWD, there are a host of vehicles made by Toyota, Honda, Subaru, and others that are safe, reliable, and–overall–better choices than a Range Rover.

Please tell us what you perceive to be your “needs” in terms of a vehicle.

If you aren’t okay with the prospect of spending $2k-$3k a year in repairs in addition to regular maintenance (which won’t be cheap), then you will probably not enjoy the Range Rover ownership experience.

I suggest you consider a Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon 4WD truck. A well optioned 2007 LT with about 75,000 miles will be under $20,000 from a dealer. A private sale should be around $17,000. They even get better gas mileage than a Range Rover. A 2008 Toyota Sequoia SR5 with the smaller V8 and 5-spd auto with 60,000 miles will be about $20,000 from a dealer and about $16,500 in a private sale. Gas mileage is comparable to the Tahoe/Yukon. The Sequoia comes with a 3rd row and the GM trucks have it as an option.

Co-worker had a CPO. The repair/maintenance bill from 45K miles to 65K miles was around $7-10K per year. Some covered under the warranty. Some electrical issues they could not fix. For example, the poor engine performance warning (which apparently is different that the check engine light), would intermittently be on. The offloaded the car at 65K miles. I think you would be buying it :slight_smile:


My first-hand experience with a Range Rover was a friend who bought one new, top of the line. Within 3 months he had the dealer buy it back because they couldn’t repair the many problems.

'Nuff said.

2010 Mazda CX-9 with AWD could be had in your price range, cheaper if you get an FWD model

I will repeat the question that I posed earlier to the OP:

Please tell us what you perceive to be your “needs” in terms of a vehicle.
If we know what your needs are, we can better advise you on appropriate choices.

Time to be realistic. If you expect to be able to feed and clothe the new familiy member, stay away from the Range Rover!!!

As mentioned. please analyze what your needs are first. Do you really need 4 wheel drive. If not there are many good vehicles to choose from and you can buy something new or almost new with remaining warranty.

If you must have 4 WD because you live in the mountains or Alaska, again there is a lot of choice. The Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV, Mazda CX5 are all reliable and capable vehicles.

I think the OP has left the site. I don’t think he/she got the answer he/she wanted.

I am looking for a bigger vehicle then a sedan. Definitely done buying new cars so I am looking for a used one.
What is most important for me is a strong body and good safety standards. Something that will be easier to get the infant car seat in and out. I don’t like the looks of Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4, not only that I honestly want something slightly bigger Than that. Enough room in the second rows seats. Foldable third row would be nice but not required.

I have never owned a 4wd so won’t mind spending extra bucks on that to take out camping…

What do you all think of Nissan xterra?

And I am not looking for a mini van.

Xterra is a FAR better choice than a used Range Rover

Fairly simple

Reliability depends on the specific model year, but still better than the Range Rover

They’re common, so almost any shop would have no problem working on it

The Xterra is a rough ride. If you don’t mind driving an of-road truck, it will work for you. If you prefer a more car-like ride, consider something else. Test drive a 2007/2008 Toyota 4Runner. If you are more interested in a car-like ride, look at a 2009 Chevy Traverse LT1 or LT2. You can get it with 2WD or AWD. A friend at work just bought one, as is crazy about it. I’m thinking about it for my wife in a couple of years when we sell the Silhouette.


No offense to your friend, but for “some” reason, I suspect the 4Runner and Xterra will be more reliable than the Traverse, in the long run

Any make of vehicle with the stated intent of trying to keep the mileage under 100k may be a flip of the coin.
A Range Rover is a bad idea and more of a status symbol than anything else.

With going on 20 grand to spend, I would think that you could buy a very nice something or other with extremely low miles for that kind of money if patience and footwork is used.

Xterra is good vehicle, but the mpg is horrible. And the ride is harsh.

If you want more space in a do just about anything vehicle - look for used Honda Element. They are very reliable, not great for mpg, but much better than an Xterra. Easy access to back seat for putting the baby in a car seat and lots of room for all the baby gear in the back.

“No offense to your friend, but for “some” reason, I suspect the 4Runner and Xterra will be more reliable than the Traverse, in the long run”

I’ve had great success with GM vehicles. We own 3 now. IMO, if I have a choice of a GM vehicle that is 2 or 3 years newer and the same price as a Toyota or Honda, I’ll make out in the long run. Of course, i could buy one the same age and pay $2000 or $3000 less and never make up the difference in purchase price. I also own an Accord ind it is every bit as good as the GM cars.