Should i buy 2008 Range Rover Sport Supercharged?


hi please tell me, should i buy this car?? im wondering about car’s Reability , HP and stability, how will recommend me buy this car? and also im interested about other SUV cars and also i wanna know which one car should i buy at my listed??

2008 Porsche Cayenne S

2008 Range Rover Sport Supercharged

2008 Adui Q7 4.2 Premium or 2009 Audi Q7 3.6 QUATTRO

2008 BMW X5 xDriver 4.8i or 2009 xDriver 3.0si

2009 Mercedes-Benz ML350 4matic

IN ALL CARS IM WONDERING ABOUT: Reability, HP and stability

please tell me which one i should get?


From your request I almost conclude you’ve just won the lottery.

Personally, I would not recommedn ANY of these vehicles, unless you are well heeled, technically inclined, and are patient enough to tolerate the lack of reliability of most of them.

In any case budget $4000 per year or so for upkeep, maybe not the first year, but certainly during the life of the vehicle.

I would delete the Range Rover and Audi immediately. The Range Rover is troublesome and is now owned by Tata of India, a maker of trucks and economy cars. The British call it “The Empire Strikes Back”. The Audi is a troublesome vehicle and very expemnsive to maintain and repair.

With so many other good vehicles on the market that do the same and more while costing much less, please tell me what you see in these vehicles. They do have the commonality of being advertised in upscale magazines and Playboy.

As alternatives, Acura, Lexus, Buick and Toyota all make this type of vehicle which is more useful with US speed limits. My neighbor has an Acura and thinks this is the ultimate all round capable vehicle while providing the right amount of comfort and luxury. Acuras are extremely reliable. Most of thse vehicles have stability control and traction control.


Each of these cars will be great until something breaks. Then, you’ll need a big wallet to pony up for large repair and maintennce bills.

The only one I’d rule out is the Range Rover. It is the most likely to break and have more frequent problems. That makes it likely to be the most expensive to own. Then there are relatively few Range Rover dealers and even less independant mechanics who work on Range Rovers which limits your repair options.

As for the others, they all have more dealers but still parts and service are very high compared to Honda and Ford. You seem to want the exotic models so just make sure you can afford the upkeep. If you have deep pockets any will be fine.

Drive them and pick the one you like best. All have plenty of power, and all have stability control systems. See Consumer Reports for reliability data.


With any of these vehicles, you have to be prepared for maintenance and repair costs that are far higher than with non-luxury SUVs.

Other than that, if you decide to buy the Range Rover I would advise you to first check-out the comfort level of the Rover dealer’s customer lounge. You will be spending a LOT of time in that room while you wait for repairs on the inevitable problems that will surface every few weeks on that Rover, so make sure that the customer lounge meets your comfort needs.


I noticed that all of these choices are used. All are luxury performance SUVs. And all will be overpriced and expensive to support.

If you’re on a budget, and since you’re looking at all used vehicles I assume you are, then you are IMHO making a huge mistake placing luxury and performance above reliability and affordability on your priorities list. My guess is that you already know this and are letting your passions rule your sensibilities.

Doc has made some good recommendations. Consumer Reports Used Car Buyers’ Guide, available at your local bookstore, will show you others.

I know this isn’t the answer to your question, but I’d feel guilty recommending any of the vehicles in your list for someone on a budget.


For reliability, how about a Lexus RX, Acura RDX/MDX, or Infiniti FX?


The one you like the best. They all are great vehicles for the first 100k or while under warranty.


which ever vehicle has proper documentation of maintenance


Take a look at the 2008 Buick Enclave. It will cost around $30,000 for the AWD version, compared to $51,000 for the RR Sport with the blower. Intellifix estimates that the Enclave will cost about $4200 to maintain over the next 5 years, compared to $7200 for the Rover. And that’s the good news! Over the same period, the Enclave repair estimate is $2100, while the RR Sport Supercharged is an astonishing [i]$12,200![/i] I guess there is no question what Supercharged means in the context of Range Rover.

Or you could buy new a top-of-the-line Enclave CXL2 for $8000 less than the 2008 Rover. Sadly, it only has a 288 HP V6. But what do you need all that power for in one of these top-heavy beasts for anyway? Where will you use it?


Ford Escape hybrid


very very much thanks to all for support guys you are really helped me, but i like exotic cars… so i have another one question, ok then plesae suggest me an SEDAN car, but i wanna exotic one, like… BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Audi… and car must be aroud 50.000$ and again same states what i waned last time, i like suggested car be: Reability, HP and stability any exotic sedan with this states, thanks!


Any Lexus, Acura or Infinity or the new Hyundai flagship. All these are quite luxurious and very reliable, and won’t put you in the poorhouse trying to keep them running.


15 year olds have a somewhat interesting viewpoint towards transportation units…

If you or Daddy has $50K to blow on a driveway toy, go for it!


You can get a new Cadillac CTS-V for about $60,000. If you do, go to driving school first to learn how to handle a car like that. It’s stupid fast. The host of an exotic car show tested one and honestly said that it was frighteningly quick. The guy is a professional drifter, so he’s used to driving fast cars on the edge.

You might also consider a BMW M3 sedan. You can buy a new one for about $55,000. A new Lexus IS-F comes in around $60,000, too. Dollar-for-dollar, the CTS-V is unbeatable, though.


The best suggestion I can make is to pick up a Consumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guidea at hte local bookstore and spend the time testing all those that look interesting to you. There are a lot of great choices for $50K and under, and what’s right for me may not be right for you. As a fact, your definition of “exotic” may even be completely different from mine.


15 year olds have a somewhat interesting viewpoint towards transportation units…

If you or Daddy has $50K to blow on a driveway toy, go for it!

Lets hope the dad is buying the car for himself and giving the old one to him, and not the other way around