Used Range Rover Freelanders?


Hi there. I currently own a Subaru Legacy 1991 and its a great amazing car, but I think its time I buy a car that I can actually drive long distances, and something a bit knewer. My price range is about $10,000. Is it better to lease or buy a used car. Does anyone have any opinions about Range Rover Freelanders 2002-05? I was looking around at those cars as I like their sporty genteel aesthetics but not sure if it’ll be high maintenance and break down a lot. Thanks for your information.


Leasing in my opinion is NEVER an option. It’ll cost you far more in the long run to lease then to buy.

As for the Freelander…I know that Range Rover has had some quality issues in the past years. Not too sure about now since Ford bought them. Hopefully they’re better then Ford. I also think that Range Rover is way too much money. I think you can easily get a better vehicle at a far cheaper price.


It would actually be difficult to pick a more trouble-ridden model than the one that you are interested in. In Consumer Reports’ study of overall automotive reliability in 1998-2005 models, the Freelander was firmly in the “Worst” category, with 61% of the owners reporting problems. The more expensive Range Rover had “only” 56% of the owners reporting problems.

The only cars of those model years that were rated worse in reliability than the Freelander were:
Jetta Sedan 62% problem rate
Bonneville 66% " "
Jetta V6


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To continue–
Jetta V6 77% problem rate

Even if you doubt the absolute accuracy of CR’s ratings, if is clear that none of the Rover models compare favorably to other SUVs in terms of reliability. So, despite years of development work by BWW (the previous owner) and Ford (which is about to dump the marque), Rover models are still incredibly trouble-prone.

Personally, I just can’t understand spending that much money and winding up with a vehicle that is about as bad as bad can be when it comes to reliability.


I don’t know if I would buy a current range rover either. Hopefully whoever rescues them from ford will improve them.

Never, ever lease a car.


Your price range puts you in Hyundai territory, but that’s NOT a bad thing. I’d take a Hyundai Accent, Elantra, or Sonota over a Range Rover any day of the week. The Rover will be in the shop while the Hyundai is on the road.

Seriously, any Range Rover you can buy for 10 grand has been beaten to death before you ever laid eyes on it. Forget any $10,000 Land Rovers, much less Range Rovers. They don’t exist, and if they do, you don’t want to own them.


Same goes for the Freelander. They are nothing but trouble. Stay away.


It looks like you want a small SUV. Test drive a 2002-2003 Ford Escape as well as the CRX and Rav4.


Don’t lease unless you are a business.

What is wrong with your current car?