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Random loss of throttle response

I have a 03 Honda civic dx (automatic)with a 1.7L SOHC engine and at random time I would be driving and when I would step on the accelerator I would get no response until 5-10 seconds later. Originally it would only happen at most once a month. I tried changing the oil because it was pretty black in color but the problem has now reoccured at the rate of a predictable weekly basis with a new problem of the car being at a dead stop and then would idle at really low Rpm (150-300). Also to tie in with the low Rpm sometimes the car will actually stall out at a stop and sometimes not start until the 3rd or 4th attempt (yes the car cranks every attempt but sometimes all I get is this electronic clicking sound). With that all being said I noticed my engine being constantly low on oil. I am unable to locate any leaks but I’m having to dump in an extra quart every 2-3weeks.

I think you’re in need of an engine compression test there. Hard starting is a common complaint with problematic compression . Often the hard starting problem is worse when the engine is cold. Is that the case here?

I see… now the only thing with that is that I I only drive in the day so my engine and all my oil would already be at operating temperature correct?

huh? Oil and engine require a warm up period to reach operating temp, even in the day. Or in the daytime, if that is what you mean…

The engine operates around 200F. That is not the daytime temp. Is it?

The point I’m trying to get across is that I don’t think that cold morning is the reason behind the hard staring

What is being asked is - engine having been shut off for several hours or overnight (or ‘cold’ in mechanic jargon), vs. warm engine - was shut off less than a couple hours.

you say this failure is predictable now, what is going on right before it fails?
Describe in as much detail as you can.

and possibly unrelated- what are the steps you are doing to check your oil? are you checking and adding oil before you start your vehicle or after it has been sitting (turned off,) for at least 20 minutes? Is it on level ground?

How often do you change your oil? How often do you check it?
When was the last time you changed the spark plugs?
Are you burning oil?
Have you had a Check Engine Light?

Based on the first two comments, I’m going to guess that the root cause is neglect. Because of that you probably have a buildup of carbon in the throttle body and perhaps even on the upstream oxygen sensor. And perhaps on the sparkplugs. Compression is probably low too, because lack of maintenance = premature wear.

Post the answers to the questions I’ve posed and we’ll better to able to hwlp you.

It would help to know how many miles on the car also.

I’m probably wrong but I just get the feeling that we’re being led down that primrose path again. Otherwise I think it may be worn engine time due to lack of maintenance, or at the very least a complete tune-up and induction cleaning.

Let us know what your shop says OP.