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Civic choking/misfiring When keeping steady throttle, no CEL help!

My 02 civic manual is jerking like its choking only when I accelerate really slow or keep a constant throttle to keep the speed the same, there is no check engine lights on and the light work when I turn the ignition. I have been having this problem and I can’t fix it, it’s like chasing a ghost. I have cleaned the throttle and got new spark plugs.

No competent shop has been able to diagnose it? If shop 1 can’t fix it, try shop 2

That’s kind of a tough one and it may even turn out to be caused by a bad engine mount. Good luck to you and “them” but a check of simple things might be wildly successful.

Even shop 3 did not know the problem, it is now worse and when I accelerate it struggles a little. And no check engine lights, even got it scanned and no codes popping up

I’d get a shop to read the computer data while driving, particularly the fuel trims.
Also, have the valve lash checked.

My experience with situations like this are that they are usually electrical in nature. Check ALL your major grounding points, especially the ground for any engine sensors and the ECM/ECU. This is a simple issue but can make your life difficult. This is s simple job and costs almost nothing to do so do it first. Remove and clean all connectors with fine sandpaper. Clean with a paper towel and carb cleaner. Let dry. Coat with silicone grease and re-assemble. This may work wonders on your car.

Then there is the possibility of the fuel pump. Sometimes they will cause poor performance without a check engine light. Then there are the O2 sensors. I have had them just about gone but no code was being thrown. The only time I have seen an O2 sensor code is when the sensor wiring was severed. When where the sensors last changed? Are they far overdue?

Have the car scanned for any PENDING codes. You won’t have a check engine light… YET with pending codes.

Checking the valve lash is a good idea as well. Honda lifters need adjustment from time to time. Look in your manual. Are you overdue? This can cause burned valves as well so do not neglect this.

I had a very similar problem on my Corolla one time. I’d be driving in a neighborhood situation, like 15 mph, and when making turn I’d slow down then speed back up again and the Corolla would jerk like crazy. It wasn’t able to just gradually speed back up, Or gradually slow down. Sort of came on gradually but eventually got to the point it was almost undrivable in neighborhood driving. Only occurred at low speeds, in the 5-25 mph range.

As it turned out I had an emissions test upcoming so to prepare for that I changed the spark plugs, distributor cap, wires, ignition rotor, checked the valve clearances, set the timing and idle rpm. All that seemed to help the jerking problem, but didn’t solve it. As the final part of my emissions test prep I used some fuel injector cleaner. Voila, that completely solved the jerking problem. Apparently the injectors were a little clogged and therefore unable to meter out small doses of fuel accurately. Worth a try anyway.

I’ll add that problems with the throttle position sensor should be considered too.

Thanks I will try that, how did you clean it out? Do you hook up a liquid into the fuel lines or did it some other way? @GeorgeSanJose

I used a version of injector cleaner that you pour in gas tank. The brand I used is called “Clean Power” or something like that. Folks here report a more commonly available brand, Techron , works ok too. The method where the shop injects the cleaner directly into the fuel rail is probably the most effective.

It is, imo

I’ve seen fuel cleaner hooked up to the rail unclog what the fuel cleaner poured in the tank could not

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