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Random clicking noise under dashboard of 2011 ford expedition el


Was driving to the beach yesterday with the family. About 15 minutes into the trip started hearing a random clicking or tapping noise that sounds like it is right under the dashboard. There are no lights showing up and all the gauges appear normal.

The sound occurs randomly and the car doesnt have to be in gear. The only one we havent heard the noise is in reverse (but you dont drive in that often.

Would really appreciate any help or guidance. Will attach a video on the noise exactly.

Doug adams

Here’s the noise exactly

It is probably one of the actuators for you climate control system, either a blend door or a mode door actuator. The part is not very expensive, but sometimes labor is expensive because access behind the dashboard can be difficult.

Thanks for the reply! Will i do harm to the car by driving around?

Thanks again!

No way to tell without knowing what exactly is causing the clicking. You could try an experiment, see if there’s a relationship between the clicking and the heat/AC/vent control settings. You may discover the clicking stops entirely if that is all turned off.

When you turn the AC on does the air still come out through the vents ? If it doesn’t and comes out only through the defroster vent on top of the dash I think that’s an indicator the acculator door is busted… Either that or the acculator itself is bad. That’s what it sounds like to me.