Clicking noise from behind dash on passenger side

I have recently started hearing a clicking noise (almost exactly like the noise a blinker signal makes) that is coming from behind the dash board on the passengar side of the car between the glove compartment and center console area. I can’t identify why it starts, but have noticed that it usually occurs when the a/c is turned off. If I turn it on, the clicking stops. I read in another forum that it may be due to the air-mix (or max?) servo. Does anyone have any thoughts?

This is going to amaze you, but not all cars are exactly alike, and we don’t read minds here. What is the year, make, and model of your car? That might help you to get a specific answer.
In generic terms, it might well be one of the air damper motors that is having trouble moving to an open or closed position. It could also be a blend-air door motor, but those are usually more to the center of the dash. Of course, not knowing what your are driving…

It is likely that it is a stepper motor/air diverter door that is a part of the HVAC system. Someone may offer more help if you are willing to reveal what kind of vehicle this is.

wow, that does amaze me.

'04 Lexus RX330

Yes, it’s one of the climate control servo motors. You can disassemble and clean it or replace it.

Great, thanks. Any idea what a typical job like that may cost if I brought it into a shop to have it fixed?

Not being agressive at all but why did you think someone could help you without knowing the make,model,year of your car? you are certainly not the first to leave out this info. When you go to buy parts for your car is this info not the first thing you are asked? It is no different here.

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simply forgot, that’s all. It’s amazing how up in arms people get on these message boards - relax people. The car info was literally posted 2 minutes later.

Having the same problem 2016 Kia Forte

I’ve got the same issue with my 04 Saturn Ion Redline. I’d love to know what it is that’s causing it. It’s bugging the hell out of me when I drive.

Jesse , Tardis has not been here in 10 years and you have a different vehicle then this thread is about. Click on the New Topic box and start your own thread with clear info of your vehicle and the problem. You will receive much better help that way.

1995 Lincoln town car. Only in “run” position. Clicks with ac on and off. Ac seems to work properly. Removing engine compartment fuses labeled “c” or “e” stops the clicking. Haven’t tried removing under dash fuses yet. As best I can tell, clicking is coming from behind the glove box. Any thoughts?