Water on the floorboard

I have a 2003 Honda Element. This morning I noticed a little water on my front passenger floor mat. This afternoon on my way home from work I noticed there was a lot more water on the floor board. It has been raining so I thought my windshield might be leaking. I cleaned up all the water at the gas station. I headed home running my heater and when I turned left I heard a pssshhhh, and now there is water on my floor board again. I felt up under the dash by the glove box and it was wet. Can anyone tell me what this could be? Thanks

The fresh air vent drain may be plugged allowing water to come inside.

The water isn’t actually coolant is it?

Thank you for the reply. It is clear and there is no odor. Where is the air vent drain and how do you unplug it.

Check your coolant level as there is a chance it is a leaking heater core.