Radio Removal in a 2003 Ford F-150



My radio will not eject cd’s or even see that the first 2 slots have anything in them even though there is. It started saying that the disc was bad and tried to eject and could not, the I tried swiching to another disc and now it won’t do anything when i try to eject or load another cd. How can I take it out so that I can at least get my cd’s back or am I better off spending the money and having a dealer do it?


If it is a factory installed radio, take it to the dealer & see what they say.
You could also take it to a place that installs after market stereos.
Or you could let a teenager loose on it! Kids are pretty good at figuring these things out, too.


You could get a radio removal tool, or you could pay someone to remove it. I’d get a tool an and do it myself. When you see how easy it is you will not want to pay someone else.