Radio problems


1993 chevy silverado- is ther someplace to look for no audio output from factory sound system


Might be just a fuse problem – and you have several fuses to check out. If your radio’s clock is accurate and you can tune the stations, it is most likely that the radio itself simply died. The only cure in that case is replacement.


Some vehicles have an external amplifier for the speakers. So you might check that out. I also suggest you get a service manual for the truck since it can help save you time and money in repairs on the vehivcle.


No audio from any source? Does it have cassette or CD, and does it work? Does the radio tuner show stations, or is it dark? If all is dark, look for fuses, some car radios have a second fuse on the back of the radio itself (though these are usually aftermarket radios). As someone else mentioned, there may be an external amplifier which could have its own fuse, or just be dead.

Good, cheap, replacements can be ordered from Crutchfield and will come with adapters and mounting hardware included for no extra cost.