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New key? Electrical?

I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500, 75k od. Having issues with audio upon start up. Does not happen all the time but frequently enough to be annoying. Sometimes when I first start my truck I won’t have any audio from it (radio, aux, media, no blinker noise, no fasten seatbelt alarm, nothing). Usually if I drive to wherever I’m going then get back in to leave the audio comes back on (I have sat and turned the truck on and off numerous times to get it working but usually just deal with it). Seems to happen in colder weather more often (red herring?) but has happened in summer as well. Someone suggested it might be my key not making proper contact upon starting my truck but idk why it would be sporadic if that was the case. I have checked my audio fuses and they seem fine but was hoping someone with more knowledge than me might have an idea as to what’s going on. My mechanic didn’t seem to have any clear ideas either.

Thanks for any help!

My guess is the radio’s electrical connector to the harness is the problem. Try wiggling that when this happens. If that’s the problem, sometimes the individual pins in the connector can be replaced.

Agree with @George_San_Jose1 The radio is the source for all the dings and bongs and buzzers the car creates as warnings. The message comes over the CAN communication lines. That is 2 wires, a bit like an old-school telephone line that connects computers all over the truck so they can talk to one another.

If this truck has an aftermarket (non factory) radio in it (you didn’t say), there may also be a CAN warning device added to the harness just to make noises and it may be dead or dying.

On my 2010 Cobalt and 2013 Equinox the left front speaker is used the blinker, fasten seat belt, etc sounds. I’ve replaced the front left speaker on the Cobalt twice. The speaker connector gets corroded also. Use the balance and fader controls to verify the speaker is working before you go any further.

Ed B.

No aftermarket radio, or anything else for that matter, and when the audio does come back on everything works fine, so I know the speakers are good. I will take a look at the wiring, that makes more sense to me than a new key which was suggested. I had a feeling it might be a wiring issue somewhere, just didn’t know where to start.

a bit of a long shot, but when my 2010 Chevy Express did this, the fix was cleaning up a dirty battery cable. I took the battery cables off, cleaned them up, and when I reattached them- all was good.

Although, I didn’t disconnect the battery because of the radio issue, so it may have just been a reset that helped that, lol
It was more likely a byproduct of cleaning the battery cable ends fixed my audio issue,

Before going to all that trouble, try resetting all the computers. Might work. Disconnect the battery and let it sit overnight before reconnecting the next morning. One downside: The engine may not run as well for a while b/c the learned parameters will get erased & have to be re-learned.