2003 legacy no sound from radio

About a year ago, the radio in my car starting working intermittently. First a speaker or 2 went out. Then the radio would play only occasionally (usually on warm days). Finally it quit altogether. The radio got power and showed stations or cd tracks, but there was no audio.

We looked at fuses, wire connections, speakers, etc. Finally I got a new radio, and once installed, there is still no audio. Any suggestions?


You may need to run new speaker wires. Have you checked to see if the new radio is putting out a speaker signal on all four channels? Is the replacement radio another factory Suby radio or an aftermarket radio?

Check a factory repair manual for your car. Many vehicles with high-powered sound systems have separate amplifiers located somewhere else in the vehicle. This may be the case with yours, and it may be bad or not turning on.

The same thing happened to my 2003. I had replaced the radio only to find out that it was a speaker. I’m happy with the new radio but wish I had checked the speakers first. It appears that if one speaker is out it effects all. Its not to difficult to replace. hope this helps. Will