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No Sound!


Bought a 2003 Z4 a month ago and without warning the stereo sound went out. Radio seems fine, lights work, changes stations, all of the functions including the cd player work, just no sound. Tried to look at fuses but the diagram is missing. Any ideas???

Is there a “mute” function?

Might be on mute or a wire may have come loose. That sometimes happens especially in after market stereos. Sometimes it comes loose because it fastened securely at factory and wiggles loose over time. That would be the first thing i would have checked.

not that I could find and I did look in the manual also.

Very probably a fuse. Since the radio and CD player functions work, the radio fuse is okay. There is apparently a separate fuse for the AMPLIFIER. You’ll have to find it. Check every fuse if necessary.

Thanks, I was trying to avoid checking every one because of the location. But it looks like I’m going to have to.