Radio, dome light and car clicker won't work

Hi guys. love the show. My wife’s 2003 Hyundai Elantra 4 door died and we jumped it to get it going but I initially crossed the jumper cables connecting the + to the - and vice versa. Ever since the radio, dome light and clicker won’t work. I checked the fuse under the hood and the inside fuses and their all fine. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Well? Just disconnecting the battery by itself can cause all sorts of problems. You can read about it here.

But now the polarity was reversed when the jump start was attempted?

Anyone care to guess?


You most likely overlooked a bad fuse. This happens to a lot of folks.

I will change both of the fuses t(he dome light and audio).

Since the power, to some of the things at least, requires continuous power I suspect the problem is in the fuse panel under the hood.