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Lost power

Help I switched the battery cable poles. Put the minus where the plus should of went. It sparked. I lost the dome lights in the car ,clock ,and radio . I checked all fuses with a fuses checker. In both places. Dose anyone have any ideas. Its my daughters car and I feel terrible.

help ron w

It would help to know what car (make, model, year). You probably melted some fuse links (wires that act as fuses). You may have also done much damage to the electronics.

I agree with checking the fusible link. It looks like a wire and goes from the battery + terminal to a relay box under the hood. If it’s blown the insulation should be bubbled, but check it with a meter anyway.

If that’s the culprit DO NOT replace it with anything other than the proper replacement fusible link. A regular wire will not offer any protection, and they do vary between different cars in their cuurrent carrying capacity.

This is a 2001 Hyundai elantra