2013 Hyundai Elantra radio not working

While driving and playing music, the radio/cd player/screen all started to turn off and on intermittently and there is no control of it. It would start out only being a minute or two apart where it would turn back on when it felt like it, but now during a 15 min drive there and back, it won’t turn on at all.

I don’t have a nav screen and pressing the radio buttons or the cd eject doesn’t do anything. Nothing turns on when I start the car and the power button for the radio doesn’t work.

I have started to look at the inner fuse box to the left of the driver’s seat and haven’t found any blown fuses yet but it sure takes some patience to look at every single one.

Please, any help with this?? I would really appreciate it. Any particular fuse I should check?

Your owners manual should contain a diagram with fuse locations and description of each one.

You might want to try this:

Thank you for this! I did try resetting to off and on like he did but I did it when the car was off. He has the car on so I will try that next.

And yes, I’ve been looking at the manual and trying some of the fuses that may relate to the radio. Haven’t seen any blown fuses but haven’t tried them all.

Make sure there is power and a good connection to the radio.If that’s OK it’s probably is a problem inside the radio itself.

Thanks for your response! I’m not sure how to check that. When the power for the radio/cd player does turn back on randomly, the sound quality is great. The screen lights up again and everything works. The signal is fine.

Here is an example of what it looks like in my car. It’s not just the radio; this whole area doesn’t work (besides the clock). I can’t turn on anything. Screen is blank. I’m thinking it’s a blown fuse or a short, I hope.

If the all the things in the area do not work when the fault happens then the trouble is an intermittent bad connection to power, not a short of blown fuse. You will have to trace the power connection back to the fuse panel and find the faulty connection.

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My radio acted up on cold days in the winter mostly when hitting bumps. My research talked about internal problems. the problem cleared up before i had to do anything. So I’m not going to be much help beyond this. good luck.

A short should blow a fuse and the affected devices will stay off. An intermittent open circuit in the power or the ground will give that intermittent operation. A good study of which items are affected, and the circuit diagram, should tell where the problem lies.

Tried the reset with the car on and it didn’t do anything :confused: