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2002 kia rio!

I have a 2002 kia rio sedan. I was tring to figure out why my interior dome light didn’t work. I was checking to see if power was going to the light and to my surprise there was. Unfortunately, I accidentally completed what should of been an open circuit and the ground and live pieces touched. To my frustration, there was no longer and power going to the light. I checked EVERY fuse in the car that I could find and they all were good. I then turned on my car and found that the radio doesn’t work anymore! It worked before and now it doesn’t. I have no clue what i did. What did I do? Even more helpful, how the heck do i fix it???

Could there be a fuse box you arent finding? Is there a fuse marked “dome” maybe “int” What about “radio” or “acc” are you finding fuses marked to correspond with the failed system. Are you a good fuse checker? with a meter? visual?. Was the short you created only momentairly (Not long enough to damage a component)See if reading owners manual can help you out

Well I checked the fuses with a meter so I know they are good. I then pulled the radio out and found that there are still 12v of power going to the component but the radio still won’t turn on. Did I damage the radio itself? Should I just buy a new deck?

There should be two battery voltages at the radio one constant (for memory) the other switched (goes on and off by the key) do you have both of these? If not keep looking for the reason you are missing one or the other. Was the owners manual any help?