99 Honda Accord - Need Radio Code - Radio Removal - Serial #


I have a 99 Honda Accord V6 and the alternator was recently replaced.

Now I need to input the Radio Code and of course I don’t have the little piece of paper with the code.

I need to get the Serial Number from the back of the radio before the dealership will give me the code.

The dealership is charging $100 for the radio removal.

I don’t have that kind of money.

Can anyone direct me to a manual/book that will have instructions on how to remove the radio?

Thanks much.

If you have ever had the car to a Honda dealership, there is a space on the invoice for options. On my '04 Civic, the radio code is listed as ANTI XXXXX.

Some Honda radios will display the serial number on the display if you follow the following process: With the radio off, hold down the 1 and 6 buttons. While continuing to hold those buttons, press the power button. The serial number will then read out of the display. Also make sure you look all over your car for the code. There is a little white sticker that many dealers apply at delivery. It is often on the side of the glove box that would be visible from the driver seat if the box was open. It is also sometimes on the doorjamb or the trunk area.I believe the Honda website also has a way to get your code under the ownerlink tab. I think you may have to prove ownership first, but I believe it is free.