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2007 Honda Accord radio goes out

radio just quit working one day. I replaced the fuse(and it was not blown). It worked for about a month. It went out again.Did the same procedure and it did not last but a couple of weeks. My cousin’s husband removed the fuse for the accsessories and put in a 15 volt fuse for the radio. I only used the player for the cd player for 3 weeks and no problem. I then switched to using the radio and it lasted 4 days this time. What is wrong.

You probably need to replace the radio, look for an auto stereo shop in your area. Electronics do fail, some earlier than others.
Go back to the correct size fuse, an oversized fuse can be dangerous.


You need a new radio.

Yep, never use the wrong fuse. You probably have some kind of short in the radio, time for a new one.

Were any of the fuses actually blown? I know you replaced the fuse several times, but did you you do an ohm-check on the fuses you removed? If none were blown, I’m thinking there’s some sort of problem with the car’s fuse box.