Check Engine Light and Radio Code Error - Honda Accord

3 months ago I spend $1300 when Check Engine Light came on and the diagnosis was to replace the catalytic converter.
Now engine light reappears and then the radio stops working - flashing an Error Code message. Are these connected? Sign of things to come.
Will take car back to same garage where I paid $$ but can I drive it? Seems fine to drive but am concerned the electrical system is going haywire.

Get the code read. Check engine light are NOT related.

The error code on the radio means the radio fuse was pulled, the battery was replaced or the car lost all power from the battery for a moment or two. Its a theft deterrent system. You need the radio code that came with the car to reset the radio. Sometimes the original owner will write the radio code in the owners manual, either in the back on the notes page, on the page explaining how to enter the radio code or inside the front cover.

The radio code was originally on a tag on the key ring that the original keys came on. It could also be floating around the glove box as well.

Go to an AutoZone or other car parts store that offers free diagnostic code reading. Have them read the diagnostic code and get the actual code from them, not their opinion of what it means. Post it here and we can help you more. The code will be a P followed by 4 numbers, like P0420 or something like that.

@Keith; may have not noticed when he wrote that post but I’d like to clarify his post, with all due respect to keith.

The radio code is not the same as the codes read from the computer as in the P0420 example.
So don’t expect the mechanic to be able to retrieve the code for the radio from there.

but I think if you went to a Honda dealer with your title to prove you own the car…they may be able to get the radio code from Honda.


I believe I specified “radio code” and “diagnostic code”. I did not specify that they are two different codes. Sorry 'bout that.

Make sure the battery is fully charged and the battery connections are clean and tight.

@ Keith; I wrote that because I thought that the OP may think that the two are the same.
You did specify , just did not know if the OP would catch that.
I know you’ve been around enough to know the difference, But I have no knowledge of the OPs experience.

Now that I re-read my post…I could have worded it better.


Yosemite, I’m cool with that, I’m glad you helped clarify it for the OP. I did not mean to sound defensive, but I guess I did. Sorry.

There is another thread by a different member with the same issue on a Honda. There is one common point that could generate both of these and it is the radio fuse. The fuse labeled Radio that is located in the underhood fuse and relay panel provides keep alive power to both the radios memory and the PCM memory. The fuse could have a crack in it or a corroded terminal.